Sunday, June 26, 2011

When tears fall

When tears fall ...
each time you feel the strain ...
those who love you ...
will feel that extra pain.
Oh how hearts are crushed ...
when we see you cry.
Though we know ...
that you are strong,
we can't help but share ...
every moment of your agony,
every second of your strain
as we watch you haplessly
fighting the lonely battle.
When you smile away your fears,
our fears will melt away too!

Written by: Abah

I accidentally cried in front of my parents a few weeks ago. It was'nt really my intention. But the tears just fell, for no obvious reasons...Huhu. Then Abah wrote another poem for me. I'm sorry Abah...I'm sorry umi...If sometimes I let my tears fall.. I guess no matter how hard I tried to put a strong face in front of you both, In the end I'm still just your baby girl.. Hehe.. kadang-kadang saja nak bermanja dengan umi abah je...Umi abah jangan risau ye....Ummu kuat sebab Allah ada... Allah ada di sisi kita, every step of the way....^_^

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  1. great for u to have pakcik huzaidi as ur father and great for him to have u as his daughter...
    keep on going!!!!!!!!!!