Wednesday, June 29, 2011


During my first week of radiology,
i got a bad case of the sniffles,
but my little sister's gone through surgery,
compared to her, my troubles just fizzles.

Entering my second week of radiology,
i spent half a day everyday standing till my feet swell,
but my little sister's laying in bed with stitches in her tummy,
spending all her day everyday feeling not-so-well.

On to my third week of radiology,
my daily ritual standings took a toll on my lower back, see?
but little sister's undergoing her first cycle of chemotherapy,
if she can still smile happily, how can i not be?

By: Abg Ngah (Final Year, Fakultas Kedokteran Andalas, Padang)

You can do it brother! I'll always pray that we both will one day be excellent medical practitioners, make umi and abah proud, and serve islam till shaheed takes us... ^_^ Just completed my first cycle of chemo, a little nauseous, that's all...


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  2. nice poem to share..
    nice brother to have...
    sweet little sister to be...