Saturday, September 17, 2011

When you went away

When you first went away
A hole was left in me
Everything was not the way
The way it used to be

Though I know it is destined
And you are where you should be
My heart still aches and bleeds
Coz you’re a part of me

But soon I realized
That we each have a mission
To complete, fulfill and abide
The responsibilities Allah had given

Now the world shall be a witness
Of a love story so grand and great
Coz we had chosen Allah as first
To save and protect our faith

So I’ll be waiting here, my dear,
Knowing I’ll see your smile
On the day that you appear
Coz you know that I am fine

By: Ummu Atiyah

For my beloved husband amirfathirah who is currently studying Syariah in Islamic University of Medina...May Allah protect you always...

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