Friday, September 16, 2011

Bring back your smile

The tempest has blown over,
Dark dreams have all died down.
It’s time to turn the four leaf clover
And rid you of that frown

Your happiness is like a dove.
That soars through heavens wide
Go spread your care and love
That your heart kept deep inside

Your smile, it lights the world
A precious gift to those who care
It tells us that you’re ready
To face the world out there

Take it slow and steady
Don’t rush back to the race
Be sure you’re fit and ready
Just fall in at your own pace

Fight back your inner fears
Even though it’ll take a while
Take back those dreadful tears
Bring back that cheerful smile

By: Abah

My dad wrote this poem for me when I was fighting post chemotherapy depression, one of the side effects that we initially had underestimated. It took me a while to overcome it, and still trying my best to find back myself, and perhaps a better person than before...I am blessed with a very loving and understanding family and friends.. Syukran everyone..

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